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Bhagats Sons Group

With 60% Satisfied Customers Deflecting from their preferred brands, Over the past few years,things have changed dramatically. Today it's no longer the manufacturer but it's the consumer who rules the roost. The manufacture can no longer say that," Here is what I make take it", but today the ton has mellowed down to this "What I make/Would you like to have it" Or rather still better "Tell me what you want? I will make it" that's Bhagat Sons Group. This group has the brain of qualified engineers,managers and the support of their dedicated team and their passion towards customer's satisfaction. Bhagat Sons Group is also Speeding up in Hospital and Hotel Projects.

The Company manufactures CFL in the name of OMEX for the 121 crore rising Indians, OMEX CFL has set the market at flame with their presence in a very short time. Bhagat Sons have manufactured and ddeveloped a large range of OMEX CFL with quality products, to meet the need of maass market at affordable prices
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