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Market Research

For Researchers and Academicians who are conducting research on a particular subject, it is very important that the data that they use for their analysis is not only accurate, but also a true representative sample of the target respondents. E-System has the ability to conduct the most scientifically appropriate fieldwork in order to collect this type of accurate sample data for their research studies.

Our speed of response, flexibility, scalability and enhanced levels of quality enable us to deliver tremendous value and cost benefits to our global research clients. 

Data Collection

We have multiple centers in all over, India, offering high quality data collection – for both CATI as well as Online. Our centers have a combined capacity of 100+ seats and we use state-of-the-art data collection platforms along with a robust telephony infrastructure. 

With our well trained telephone interviewers, we are able to establish contact with the most difficult to reach respondents – especially B2B. They are trained in voice, accent and research specific subjects like administering questions, roles, accuracy v/s speed, telephone etiquette etc. They are also undergo project specific training and are continuously assessed on an internal framework.

We have a Project Manager, who will be a single point of contact for all data collection studies, and remains with the project from the data collection process right upto the final data delivery, offering guidance and continuous progress report of the study. The level of project management can be tailored according to the client’s expectations and study.

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